Head Turning
Geometric Art


by Jason Padgett

Head Turning
Geometric Art


by Jason Padgett
Unique Black and White Wall Art
As the result of a brutal mugging, Jason Padgett sees the world in the intricate fractal patterns. He has a unique gift to see how fractals arise in nature. "I see bits and pieces of Pythagorean theorem everywhere. Every single little curve, every single spiral, every tree is part of that equation", said Padgett in the interview to ABC's Nightline show.

To share his gift, he figured out how to hand draw a fractal of anything. Currently, he is the only person worldwide (known to us), who can do that.

These drawings are more than just beautiful, they are the connection between numbers and physics. They are simple, yet complex, intimidating, yet comforting, empowering and humbling....all at the same time.
Meaning behind the Drawings
"I see things naturally as shapes whereas most peoples' minds see math as numbers".
Jason Padgett, Nightline episode "Man Becomes Genius After Head Injury" that aired on ABC in April 2012.
"These pictures are only a snapshot of what's going on in Jason's mind. He mentally overlays a graph on top of each frame of sight and comes up with formulas everywhere he looks".
Neal Karlinsky, ABC's Nightline correspondent
"Universe is math. It's literally everywhere".
Jason Padgett, CNN documentary "Acquired Savant | A Great Big Film", 2016
"All of a sudden, the patterns were just... there, and I realize now that my injury was a rare gift. I'm lucky to have survived, but for me, the real miracle - what really saved me - was being introduced to and almost overwhelmed by the mathematical grace of the universe". Jason Padgett "Struck by Genius" (2014)
Featured Drawings
To purchase an original or have a custom made fractal drawn please email hello@jasonpadgett.info. We will get back to you as soon as we can.
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Circles Don't Exist
Drawing (pencil on paper)
Price for the original: $3,000

This piece of modern wall art is made of straight lines only. It is 720 right triangles rotating 1/2 degree at a time. There is no curve but as you can see the more triangles that are squeezed into the perimeter the more it APPEARS to be a circle or curve.

Just like the mountain is not a circle when you're looking at it on the Earth, but it looks like a circle (or part of one) from outer space. This is one of the many beautiful illusions of relativity and quantum mechanics.

Energy Spiral Fractal Drawing
Energy Spiral
Medium: Drawing (pencil on paper)
Price for the original: $5,000

This geometric art drawing is showing the pathway through spacetime that energy (matter) travels as it expands outward from the quantum realm due to the cosmological constant.

This spiral fractal pattern can be found all over the universe. From clouds to light to water, all things make this pattern (or a derivative of it) as they rotate through the grid like structure of space time.

Infinite complexity arises from stunningly simple beginnings.

A cool piece for office wall art.
Quantum hand fractal drawing
Quantum Hand
Medium: Drawing (pencil on paper)
Price for the original: $6,000

This is how I see my hand. Quantum vibrations, vibrating through all possible paths and I see the one that is relative to me.

Look at your own hand and see the fractal lines created by the cells as they multiply. See how the groves form a specific print. That pattern is a fractal pattern.

Everything that exists is a fractal, including us.

Quantum Star Fractal Drawing
Quantum Star
Medium: Drawing (pencil on paper)
Price for the original: $5,000

The quantum star fractal pattern arises from the pure geometry of spacetime. One pentagon vibrating in a ripple of water always makes this shape.

Whenever you see a five pointed star, it arises from a point of space time (in a pentagon form) vibrating all the points connected to it, creating the same shape over and over.

Use the zoom in feature to see the detail in this piece of unique wall art. It will appear to become three-dimensional.

Quantum Star is more than just beautiful, it is the connection between numbers and physics.

Fractal Fusion Art Drawing
Fractal Fusion
Medium: Drawing (pencil on paper)
Price for the original: $5,000

An easy way to think about fusion and this art drawing is to picture the center hexagon as an inert iron core and the six surrounding hexagons as the surrounding mass of the star collapsing due to immense gravity towards the center (the iron core).

When hexagons hit the core from all sides at nearly the exact same time and at 23% the speed of light, they fuse the iron core. Every star is a giant fusion reactor, with massive amount of energy being created through the process of fusion.

Double Slit Test
Medium: Drawing (pencil on paper)
Price for the original: $7,000
This modern wall art represents light traveling through two small slits and interfering with itself.

To see this in reality, stand on a bridge and look down at waves of water as the columns supporting the bridge block the water at some points making the wave travel around the columns and the new waves collide. Take a picture of what you see and it will be identical to this drawing.

Light travels as a particle when it's being observed and as a wave when it's not being observed. This has been one of the beautiful mysteries of light.
Geometric Art - Energy Octagon
Energy Quantum Pi Octagon

Medium: Drawing (pencil on paper)
Price for the original: $5,000

This is an octagon drawn at the quantum level. I also call it Octagon Limits.

This black and white drawing arises from limits and the uncertainty principle.

A cool piece for office or living room wall decor.
Math art - Interference

Medium: Drawing (pencil on paper)
Price for the original: $6,000

The beautiful symmetry of waves interfering with each other.

The art drawing that will become a centerpiece of any office or living room decor.

Black and white wall art - Pi within Pi
Pi Within Pi

Medium: Drawing (pencil on paper)
Price for the original: $5,000

This geometry wall art is a quantum circle (Pi) expanding from the jittery quantum level to the smooth realm that we inhabit. The former is described by Planck's equations and the latter is explained within Einstein's relativity.

The expansion of Pi is caused by vibrations due to uncertainty.

Amazingly, Pi is expanding within Pi forever.

Black and white wall art - wave particle duality
Wave Particle Duality
Medium: Drawing (pencil on paper)
Price for the original: $5,000

Wave Particle duality is one of the most astounding discoveries ever made. Light behaves as a wave when it is not observed but behaves as a particle when observed.

We all vibrate through the structure of space time. So are we particles or waves? We are both.

Observation is your reality and each person has their own unique relative version. This piece of black and white wall art is a great way to demonstrate it.

Math and Art are one and the same, both are pure geometry.

Math art - quantum cube
Quantum Cube
Medium: Drawing (pencil on paper)
Price for the original: $4,000

This diagram shows in a simple and elegant way where energy may come from.

This shape has been drawn by artists and mathematicians for thousands of years. Some call it sacred geometry, some call it by scientific terms such as grid or lattice. I call it a Planck lattice or the discrete structure of space time.

This explanation is a little long but the reward is immense if you are interested in knowing where energy (which means matter, which also means you) may come from, so please bear with me.

Geometry Wall art - Sea Shell
Quantum Sea Shell
Medium: Drawing (pencil on paper)
Price for the original: $5,000

This black and white drawing is a quantum sea shell or nautilus. It is one of the most commonly occurring fractals in the universe.

A derivative of the Fibonacci sequence, it is created by the fact that all things in the universe are vibrating as they revolve or spiral around something else.

That's what I call naturally occurring beauty of 'numbers' in motion. Elegantly simple but becoming infinitely complex through continued motion.

This wall art can be a great conversation starter in any office or living room.

Quantum Triangle (New)
Medium: Drawing (pencil on paper)
Price for the original: $3,000

Imagine that the center of the drawing is a still pool of water. Three other peaks of the triangle is where you release droplets of water that hit the surface at the same time.

What you see here is the interference pattern that results from this mental experiment. Not an artist representation of it, but the actual interference pattern.

These geometric patterns are all around us. All of reality is waves, forever rippling and interfering which each other due to uncertainty. Like everything, it starts simple and becomes infinitely complex.

A beautiful piece of wall art decor.

Art Drawing - Solar Pi
Solar Pi
Medium: Drawing (pencil on paper)
Price for the original: $3,000

Six light triangles that you see in this beautiful art drawing is where the light quanta has a lower frequency, which also means less energy. The dark triangles (obtuse) that are in between them have higher frequency of light quanta, meaning more energy.

Energy follows the path of least resistance and 'pushes/interferes' and shoots out at the 'points or tips' of the lower frequency (lighter triangles). Next time you see a bright light on TV, try to remember to look for this. Once you notice it, you will never NOT be able to notice it again.

To purchase an original or have a custom made fractal drawn please email hello@jasonpadgett.info