Solar Pi
Medium: Drawing (pencil on paper)
Price for the original: $3,000

Ever notice how almost always when you are looking at a bright light through a camera or on television that it has six bright streaks of light every 60 degrees? This drawing shows the path that light travels through when a camera has a hexagon aperture.

Six light triangles that you see in this beautiful art drawing is where the light quanta has a lower frequency, which also means less energy. The dark triangles (obtuse) that are in between them have higher frequency of light quanta, meaning more energy.

Energy follows the path of least resistance and 'pushes/interferes' and shoots out at the 'points or tips' of the lower frequency (lighter triangles). Next time you see a bright light on TV, try to remember to look for this. Once you notice it, you will never NOT be able to notice it again.

Part of the beauty that I find is the illusion this makes when you zoom in on the inner edge of the hexagon. Space appears to curve in on itself, much like Einstein stated about how gravity 'warps and bends' the structure of space time. I view space time like Einstein as a grid like structure. I also think that this grid like structure (vibrating at the speed of light) 'draws' reality in the same way, only reality draws it with energy quanta.

Everything that we see being interference patterns created when these 'quanta vibrations' interfere with each other.

Try zooming in and looking at the inner edge of this (and the drawing "Circles don't exist") and see the optical illusion it creates.

Numbers put in the form of equations, which describe geometry in motion.......elegantly exquisite.

Solar Pi
by Jason Padgett